School Standards

School Standards


School improvement activity to continue in Knowsley supporting three primaries, each being matched with a system leader and receiving implementation training.

School Improvement

20 schools targeted, up to 5 will be offered intense school to school support, and the rest will receive 1-2-1 leadership support.

Coaching for Head Teachers

Upwards of 15 head teachers will receive 1:1 or group coaching. We will also target a new generation of coaches to build capacity in the system.

External Reviews of Governance

9 ERG’s undertaken in 2019/20.  Deep dive and further support to those identified schools.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) for Schools Leaders and Staff Wellbeing

School Staff Wellbeing Support Service (SSWSS) offers; Covid response and recovery support; facilitates peer-to-peer contact, and a talking therapy offer for leaders – accessed by a helpline.

Covid Webinars

Webinars comprise a series of inputs from clinical, public health and other colleagues, to provide advice and guidance around Covid in an education context.

Transition – Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Transition project is programme of support to EYFS aimed at improving attendance, sharing CPD best practice, and offering school to school support.

Boy 87 (Year 6 Literature focus)

All Year 6 children in Bradford will spend up to 4 weeks focussing on the text Boy 87 aimed at re-engaging pupils with the end of primary school curriculum.