Opportunities for governance leadership development

We are seeking your support in promoting the governance leadership and clerking development programmes currently available to boards and clerks across the country.  

As you all know, effective governing boards are key to securing the improvements and efficiencies we need schools across the system to achieve over the coming years. This means a focus on building the capacity of governance leaders (e.g. chairs, vice chairs, committee chairs) and professionalising the quality of clerking to improve the effectiveness of boards. The 10 governance development programmes we are funding aim to do just that.    

Please note that with effect from 1 June, the eligibility criteria has been amended for the governance leadership programmes to enable more boards to benefit from the funded provision on offer.

Providers are currently recruiting across the country for 2019/20 cohorts, so please do spread the word through your networks, stakeholders and contact with schools and trusts.

If you require any further information please email: Governance.development@education.gov.uk


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