Bradford Opportunity Area – funding for literacy

As part of Priority 1 in our delivery plan (strengthening school leadership and the quality of teaching), the Opportunity Area invested in support for primary literacy in 31 Bradford schools.


Schools were prioritised using a data-driven methodology. Each school was given a score in 8 equally weighted literacy metrics, which were:

  1. Proportion of students eligible for pupil premium funding in each school.
  2. Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) score for each school. This gives a percentage score based on the level of deprivation for a school’s postcode.
  3. Early Years Communication and Language scores, averaged over three years.
  4. Early Years Literacy scores, averaged over three years.
  5. Key Stage 1 scores in reading and writing, averaged over three years.
  6. Phonics scores (proportion of children passing the phonics check in Year 1) averaged over three years.
  7. Average progress scores in reading and writing at Key Stage Two, averaged over three years.
  8. Average attainment scores in reading and writing at Key Stage Two, averaged over three years.

For each metric, each school receives a priority score out of 1, based on how highly they score in this area. The priority scores for each metric are added up, to give an overall score out of 8 for each school. Schools did not have to score highly in every metric to be prioritised for support.

Schools that are already receiving (or were due to receive) funded OA school-to-school support* are removed from the list of prioritised schools. They are then replaced by the next-placed schools on the list.

The chart below demonstrates how the methodology works in order to prioritise schools.

Literacy chart

*The Opportunity Area also intends to publish the full list of schools receiving in OA-funded school-to-school support, and will do so in the coming months.

List of participating schools

  • All Saints Church of England Primary School
  • Beckfoot Allerton Primary School
  • Beckfoot Nessfield
  • Bowling Park Primary School
  • Brackenhill Primary School
  • Crossley Hall Primary School
  • Dixons Manningham Academy
  • Fagley Primary School
  • Farfield Primary and Nursery School
  • Farnham Primary School
  • Frizinghall Primary School
  • Grove House Primary School
  • Holybrook Primary School
  • Keighley St Andrew’s CofE Primary School and Nursery
  • Laycock Primary School
  • Lidget Green Primary School
  • Lower Fields Primary School
  • Miriam Lord Community Primary School
  • Our Lady of Victories Catholic School
  • Princeville Primary School
  • St Anne’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Clare’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Bradford)
  • St Mary’s & St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Oswald’s Church of England Primary Academy
  • St Philip’s CofE Primary School
  • St Stephen’s CofE Primary School
  • St William’s Catholic Primary School
  • Victoria Primary School
  • Whetley Academy

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