List Teaching Vacancies for free on new DfE teacher recruitment website

The Department for Education has recently launched the Teaching Vacancies website. This is a free teaching vacancy listing service for schools, and is intended to tackle the significant costs that schools face when recruiting and advertising for staff. Instead of paying for adverts, schools can list available jobs on the site for free.

The service is available here:

The site is being rolled out in geographical phases and is due to be rolled out in Bradford in the week commencing January 14th. We want to make sure that schools in Bradford are all able to access the system as soon as it goes live.

In that week, every school will be sent a registration email centrally from the DfE team. You can sign up using that email, when it arrives. However, emails don’t always reach 100% of schools, as emails often go into school spam folders.

Therefore, if you want to sign up for the service in advance, you just need to complete the attached table and send it through to and The DfE team will then create an account for the school, allowing them to log into the service and list vacancies.

Each school simply needs to add in the details of the staff member(s) requiring access. Schools can have up to 10 log-in slots each. If anyone wants to have access across multiple schools (for example, a colleague working across a MAT, SCITT or TSA), they just need to put their name against each school. Colleagues can also use the spreadsheet to sign up multiple schools at once. There is also an example tab included for reference.

There will be an advertising campaign for Teaching Vacancies starting shortly, aiming to raise the profile of the service and to make it the first calling point for teachers looking for a new teaching role.

If you have any questions on the service, please get in touch with (in the Bradford OA team) or with Thomas Jackson (, who works in the team developing the website.

The Bradford Opportunity Area Team

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